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The coin you should be flipping has two faces namely, content and context. Both of these factors will help to enhance your brand awareness and strengthen your brand identity.
Brand Britain had a facelift that has really brought it to the forefront of the world's attention. The 30th Olympic Games provided the context. And the opening ceremony is an aspect of the content.
Queen Elizabeth's acting debut and a stuntman's depiction of her parachuting into the Ceremony, was one of the many content highlights. Common reflections of the Queen as Head of State would include; being steeped in history, protocols and formalities. And yet, the Queen in this context of the Olympic Games, showed a witty interpretation by weaving her into the contemporary film culture, as a James Bond Girl. This image helps to extend her appeal to a wider range of audiences.
The Olympic context comprises a variety of elements namely, heroic, sacrifice, glory, guts, being the best and a symbol of unity, in a world that at times is afflicted with conflict. As a consequence of the Olympic Games, Britain and its host city London have been able to market a range of attributes. They include; innovation, diversity and inclusion. These features could be attractive benefits for those who may wish to do business in Britain.
How does this all you need to know about bitcoin relate to your non profit? Well you should think about how to market your service or product, through educating your customer. Gone are the days of 'push' marketing, where you focus on the features of your offering. To build an educational approach, turn to the environment in which you operate in, as this will shape the context of your operation.
For instance, if your organisation provides health and social care services, the government's proposed changes to the current delivery of health services, will impact on your strategy. This could lead you to developing relationships with GP surgeries, who could be future service commissioners.
Furthermore, when communicating with your target audience you may wish to describe how the changes will impact on their lives. The choices that are available to them and how your service or product provides a solution for their needs. Also, embedded within this you can include the key benefits they will receive by engaging with you. As a result of this approach, you will be sharing content that reminds people that they matter.
In summary, your marketing currency and gold standard should embrace content and context that aims to give your stakeholders a more rounded engagement, with you.
Bybreen Samuels is CEO of Insights To Impact. She is a Business Optimizer for non profits and enterprising individuals. She helps to improve ideas, products and services by; fundraising, developing business models, marketing systems and performance coaching. Bybreen is a Winston Churchill Fellow and has two degrees; LLB Honours Degree in Law and an MSC in the Psychodymanic of Human Development.


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