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How do you determine if Windows xp is legal?
Windows will tell you. If you have a non-genuine version of windows, you cannot download some important updates. A message will pop up every so often saying that you have to upgrade to a genuine version of Windows.

What are the option in Windows Compatibility Wizard?
list of more common available options. Windows xp (service pack 2+3) Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows server 2003 Windows vista Windows vista (service pack 2) Windows NT If this is not what you meant send me a message

Where can one find information on the covariance matrix?
One can find information on the covariance matrix on the Wikipedia website where there is much information about the mathematics involved. One can also find information on Mathworks.

Why doesn't your movies on Windows movie maker save?
More detailed information is needed to answer this question. What sort of error message are you receiving? Are you attempting to Publish or Finish the video, or just save the project file?

I have just built a new pc and have purchased vista 64 home premium and loaded it on it. It came with a win 7 upgrade code and I have already submitted this to MS. I have access to the win 7 RTM and would like to custom (clean)upgrade now before this new computer gets full of stuff. Can I do so and then just activate in oct after I get my license key?
I am already aware of the way to extend activation until 120 days are up. If I can't do a claen upgrade then can I do an in place upgrade?

- The copy of Windows will check itself to see that the key is valid during install and the user will see a prompt asking if they want to activate now or later. If you say later, it goes about its merry way. You'll just see balloon prompts in the bottom right part of the task bar to activate over time with a black desktop to draw attention to it if you haven't done it after 30 days. (The link I sent described it a little more and there's also some screen shots.) But if folks have been testing with beta or RC, it's the same balloon prompt they likely noticed then. J

How do you use your laptop webcam?
It's hard to answer your question because there's factors regarding which laptop you have and what OS you're running. Check out this page if it's an HP laptop webcam running under Microsoft Vista: website Or If you have any issues about in which and how to use vmware workstation 15 player coupon code, you can call us at our web site. on facebook you go on change picture and press allow!

If he's talking about a version he happened to find on the web, he shouldn't install it, because Microsoft can't guarantee that it is the RTM code, never mind the question of when to activate his copy of Windows 7. Often times hackers will distribute bits with special "surprises" installed - during the RC timeframe for Windows 7 for example, someone added a special Trojan to an RC build they leaked to the web. (The Genuine Windows folks talked about it when they were discussing how Windows 7 works with its activation technologies - see here for more.)

How do you play Xbox original games on the Xbox 360?
Just insert the disc. Not all original xbox games are compatible, so if it runs, you're good. If it is not compatible, a message will come up with an error. See related links for a list of compatible games:

Where can one find information on Immigration in the USA?
The Migration Policy Institute Data Hub provides national and state demographics and economic facts along with a database of US state level immigration legislation.

The tech support part is different in that when you call in to tech support, you get asked for the Product ID number (under My Computer in Windows' case - it's a number the software randomly generates from the product key you used to install it, so it's specific to your copy of the software you installed). And from that, the customer reps can tell what type of support you qualify for. (They activate that ID number as part of setting up a case but in activating it, it can tell how you got your copy of Windows - like did it come with your PC, from MSDN, as part of an enterprise agreement, etc. J)

How do you remove the windows message about windows not being genuine that pops up before the windows logo and also the black screen on windows 7?
connect your PC to the internet so that windows 7 can update

What is the difference between vmware server player workstation and ace editions I want to install ubuntu on windows PC using vmware product so which of the above products should you choose?
Workstation is best for most purposes, but it is a paid product. Server is available for free, but requires more resources. Player will not allow you to install an operating system through ordinary means, but only allow you to boot images that others have made.

Where might one have repairs for an HP laptop?
You can get repairs for your HP Laptop by sending your Laptop to HP or by using the Self Repair option. With the self repair option, HP will ship the Replacement Parts to you.

What is VMware workstation?
Its basically a program that allows you to run multiple Operating Systems on your Host Operating System. So if the computer you're using currently has Windows XP installed onto it, you can run Windows ME, NT, 7, Vista, etc. on it.


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