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Two of the biggest players in the arena, Apple and Samsung, come up with upgrades to their phone series every year. With their offerings of VR, wireless charging, facial recognition and wireless earphones, cell phones today are truly on the cutting edge of modern technology. The other players - LG, OnePlus etc. Anybody who is in the market right now for a good high-end smartphone will be spoilt for choices.

In spite of the same, OLED wins the day. The latter's 750p panel has exemplary color accuracy and it is substantially brighter than the iPhone 6S. The Galaxy S7 OLED is substantially superior to the LCD of the iPhone 7.

Apple, on the other hand, is offering about 14 hours of talk time or 40 hours of music. According to the company, the phone is good for around 22 hours of talk time or 62 hours of music. The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes equipped with a massive 3,000mAh battery. By some estimates, the Galaxy S7 can deliver up to 18 hours of battery life while the iPhone delivers around 13 hours before needing a fresh charge.

On occasions, this argument has been made that Apple cannot have OLED displays because manufacturers would not be able to meet its demand. While this is a pleasant problem to have, it nevertheless is a problem.

It comes in 5 different colors - black, pink gold, white, silver and gold. Its edges comprise of metal frames and both its front and back are made of glass. Unfortunately, the glass body makes the device fragile and prone to breakage. It weighs only 152 grams and comes with a svelte chassis that is 142X70X8 mm. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very attractive handset.

It is hard to pick a clear winner between the two since they both bring the very best and latest in human ingenuity and innovation to the table. As is evident from the aforementioned points, both the phones are market leaders in their own right.

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Apple seems to be doing this a lot lately: xiaomi Taking an already excellent, hugely successful product like the iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) -- or in this the case, meizu the AirPods ($185 at Walmart) -- and offering little in the way of external alterations but updating its internals, enhancing the device but not fundamentally changing it.

Now everyone is looking for the next Android OS after Jelly Bean, now the question is "Whats the code name(Nick name) for next Android Operating System"? Google has released its latest Android OS Jelly Bean on June 16 in this year.

See Wireless Charging Case at AmazonThe only way to tell the two cases apart is the addition of a tiny LED on the outside of the wireless one and the placement of the pairing button. Additionally, the metal hinge on the lid of the case is finished in a matte-silver (instead of chrome) and apparently reinforced, according to a teardown by iFixit, redmi so it should be more durable.

Since naming convention follows an alphabetical order, everyone knows the name will start with 'k'. So what will they name for benchmark it?? Besides the the name convention, apple antutu samsung In the Android history all the updates comes with a dessert related tittle, geekbench it follows the updates from Cup Cake 1.5 to current Jelly Bean 4.1 (see Android History).

Such incremental upgrades tend to be a little boring. However, thanks to those updated components on the inside, including a new H1 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0, improved audio synchronization and always-on Siri, they're definitely better in small ways that a lot of people will appreciate.  And on the surface anyway, apple the new AirPods aren't exciting.

When placed side by side, it is easy to see why the Galaxy S7 wins easily. It has a much higher pixel count than the iPhone 7 which results in a much sharper display that is VR ready. The iPhone 7 simply cannot match the OLED's contrast ratio.

To get the long-awaited wireless charging case, which charges on any Qi-compatible charging mat, you'll have to pay an extra $40 or xiaomi (Http://tehnogig.Ru/) $199 total (£199, AU$319). Meanwhile owners of the original AirPods can buy the wireless charging case separately for the not-exactly-a-bargain price of $79 (£79, AU$129). Sarah Tew/CNET The base model remains at $159 (£159, AU$249). Fun fact: The standalone wireless charging case does not include a USB/Lightning cable, but the full 2019 AirPods -- with regular and wireless case -- do.

Then what will be the features of Key Lime Pie? Although, the next update assumed to be released in late next year(2013) with strong features . No detail yet on the release date and version. Will it be a major update to 5.0 or a minor update from Jelly Bean? What is the release date for Key Lime Pie? Google has announced nothing officially  about their next OS release.

Good things about a cell phone?
1. A cellphone can be used for emergencies 2. A cellphone can be used texting 5. A cellphone can be used to look things up on bing or google or any other website 4. A cellphone can be used to play games or game apps 3. A cellphone of course, can be used to call


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