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Whenever a person is diagnosed with cancer, it imbalances both physical as well as mental health. When you loved this article and you would like to receive more information concerning browse around here kindly visit our own site. Unfortunately, India is also grappled terribly by certain cancers amongst which prostate cancer poses a great threat to males in the country. A study conducted in Mumbai revealed that cases of prostate cancer all over India in 2010 and 2015 were approximately 26,120 and 28,079. Amidst this, it has been inferred that cases of prostate cancer are going to double by 2020. Furthermore, the Indian Medical Council of Research sighted that prostate cancer has now become the second leading cancer among males in metros like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Thiruvananthapuram. Also, it is the third leading cancer in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. And all these alarming statistics is because symptoms of prostate cancer go unnoticed. So, hereby we are exploring all about prostate cancer.

What is prostrate?

Prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland found in male which produces the seminal fluid that boosts the nourishment and transportation of sperm. Prostate cancer primarily infects males after the age of 65.


Unfortunately, prostate cancer has no striking signs or symptoms when in the early stages. But as it advances, you might come across symptoms as follows:

Trouble while urinating

Frequent urination

Difficulty while stopping or initiating urine

Blood found in semen

The force of urine decreases considerably

Pain in the bones

Discomfort in and around the pelvic area

Erectile dysfunction

When to see a doctor?

If you undergo pain while urinating or urgency which is accompanied by fever then it's a urinary tract infection - also a sign to see a doctor.

Despite having a full bladder, you aren't urinating or passing very little urine despite putting pressure, then it is bladder obstruction - a sign in itself.

If you experience deep bone pain, especially in the thighs, hips, back or a fracture in the bone then it is a sign of escalated prostate cancer which has spread to your bones.

If you are urinating little with discomfort or not urinating at all, then it is acute kidney failure - sign of advanced prostate cancer.

Prostrate cancer also spreads to your other organs, especially spine. If you have signs of spinal cord compression like weakness in the legs while walking, difficulty while the movement of bowels, controlling your urination, numbness or tingling around groin or legs, then see a doctor immediately.


There are no clear causes of prostate cancer. It starts gripping your body only when some cells in the prostate start acting abnormal. However, there are factors that can lead to this anomaly.

Genetic: if any of your male members have had prostate cancer then there are chances that you might be infected.

Obesity: Obese people tend to have advanced prostate cancer which eventually becomes difficult to treat.

Age: As you start ageing, your chances of getting infected is high but it's very rare under the age of 50.

Line of Treatment

Active surveillance

With this, your doctor will keep a check on your disease with regular tests.

Treatment with radiation

In this therapy, high radiation doses like X-rays will be used to destroy the cancer cells.


Surgery called Radical prostatectomy is conducted to eliminate the prostate gland and surrounding tissues.


This therapy makes use of extreme freezing temperature to kill the cancerous cells.


In Chemotherapy, a combination of cancer-fighting drugs is used wherein it is prescribed for advanced prostate cancer.

Therapies related to hormone

In Hormone treatment therapy, hormones are removed, blocked or added to treat cancer.


A healthy diet

Nothing can beat the goodness of a healthy diet. So, avoid junk food, high-fat food and include fruits, vegetables.

Regular exercise

Exercising is a requisite in any case because it enhances your overall health. It not only maintains an ideal body weight but boosts your mood. So, try and exercise regularly.

Healthy weight

This is a combination of diet and exercise. Keep a check on calorie intake and make sure you burn them religiously. It's best to create a healthy weight loss plan with a balanced diet and exercise.

Now, that you know about prostate cancer, then keep a regular check on the abovementioned symptoms. If found any, then see your doctor to fight this disease in time!

Dr. Jagdish Shinde is the mastermind behind the cancer care Pune. Dr. Jagdish Shinde is one of the best Oncologists in Pune. He has excellent academic and clinical experience. He is very knowledgeable, kind and caring towards patients. He has done his MBBS from prestigious B.J.Medical college Pune (Government College).


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