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Maytag Maxima MHW5500FW Review,; A washing machine is just about the most used appliances in the home. It may also make the biggest difference in energy bills in the home. Before purchasing a washer it's essential that you evaluate the many new as well as-efficient features washers are offering. Also, consider which type and size washer best suits you.

Front-Load vs. Top-Load

Washers appear in both front-load and top-load styles. Most front-load styles are thought high-efficiency (HE), but top-load styles may be either high-efficiency or traditional automatic washers. A high-efficiency (HE) machine must meet set standards of conservation in its consumption of water as well as to earn an HE designation. While an HE washer is a little more expensive when compared to a traditional machine, it may help cut costs over time.

Front-Load Washer Benefits

Uses less water/energy
Some units are stackable ; optional pedestals offer extra storage, if used
Modern look
More cleaning options

Top-Load Washer Benefits

Less costly
An easy task to reach; no pedestal required
Traditional look
Cheaper to mend

High-efficiency (HE)

High-efficiency (HE) automatic washers use less water to wash a lot of clothes. Front-load washers are usually considered HE machines. Top-load automatic washers having an HE setting also qualify. HE detergent is required. These concentrated appliances are low-sudsing and use less water (and fewer energy) than traditional machines.

Washer Space, Connections and Installation

Generally, your laundry area ought to accommodate a washer and dryer. Your brand-new machines need to suit your space. Before you measure your home, you must have:
A floor with not more than a 1-inch slope
Hot- and cold-water lines within 3 feet of washer hookups. (It's smart to replace water supply hoses if you buy a new washer.)
A drain connection for wastewater
Consider utilizing a drain pan for a second-floor washer installation
Dryers need to have a 3- or 4-prong cord, with respect to the configuration of your respective outlet.
It’s also essential to understand your newly purchased appliance can be introduced to enable them to be hooked up. Door and hallways should be wide enough to support your machine as well as a hand truck. Clearing furniture along with other movable products in the road is a great idea just before the delivery team arrives.

Measure Your Home
Front: Policy for about 4 feet right in front permitting loading and unloading.
Width: Bear in mind that washers and dryers need at least 1 inch of space on either sides for noise reduction and air flow.
Depth: Add a minimum of 6 inches of space for dryer vents and water hookups and drainage.
Height: Top loaders need a minimum of 20 inches of above-machine clearance for the door. Also consider any cabinets you have higher than the unit. NOTE: pedestals add 7-16 of height into the minimum space requirement.

Washer Features

The more features you will get in the washer, the better the cost. However, there are some features that happen to be fairly standard and really useful:

Stainless Steel Tub

Resists rust and stands around higher spin speeds in HE washers, extracting more water while protecting clothes from snagging.

Automatic Dispenser

Convenient feature that could store several loads worth of detergent, fabric softener and bleach and dispense during designated points during the wash cycle.

Automatic Temperature Control

Automatically adjusts water temperature to the ideal settings for your selected wash cycle.

Extra Rinse Cycle

Optional extra rinse eliminates soap residue and pet hair on clothes. Good feature if anyone inside the household has skin sensitivities.

End-of-Cycle Signal

Alerts you when wash cycle is finished to remind anyone to move clothes for the dryer.


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