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Yet, this didn't explain why the iPhone 4 did much better. The only explanation I have is that AT&T's iPhones continue to have trouble with the hand-off between the EDGE and 3G networks (something we've seen with all previous versions of the device). Unlike the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S doesn't include the option to put the phone in either 3G or EDGE mode manually, and maybe it was operating in EDGE mode without indicating that on the screen.

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In my trials, e-mails came quickly enough, and Google Maps, for the most part, loaded instantly in real time. Despite all the differences, the numbers showed that the iPhone 4S' data connection, when you can get a 3G connection, is fast enough for most regular Internet needs.

You'll miss out on Siri's soothing voice for now, but she'll most definitely still be there with the next version of the iPhone, which will, hopefully and likely, support 4G. After all, bất động sản most of her answers require a good connection to the Internet anyway. So the conclusion is that if you're looking to improve your mobile Internet access and already have an iPhone 4, you should probably skip the iPhone 4S, as it won't make much of a difference.

The truth is that the speed of a cellular Internet connection varies a great deal from one location to another. It also depends on the server on which the app's data resides and sometimes even on the time of day. How we test
It's generally hard to figure out the way to get the best picture of how fast a mobile cellular Internet device's data rate is.

The iPhone 4S' data speed is much slower than any 4G device's and isn't faster than the iPhone 4 in many cases. Note that the Clear Spot Apollo (Clear) and the Samsung 4G SCH-11 (Verizon) were tested the same way but on a different day and are shown here only for reference as to the speeds you can expect from a 4G connection.

Cool as she is, the iPhone 4S' new personal assistant Siri hasn't been able to tell me in a meaningful way which iPhone 4S offers the fastest data speeds. In the end, I resorted to the usual do-it-yourself approach: a real-world test. And the results were interesting.

The video struck a chord with Twitter users, who were quick to comment on the hilarious clip, and some admitting they 'felt his frustration for the poor rice', while others admitted they too are 'rice serial killers'.

Union Square
When I moved to different locations in town, the AT&T iPhone 4S showed much better performance, though not always outdoing the iPhone 4. It's faster at uploading, however, at 837Kbps compared with 693Kbps of the iPhone 4. At Union Square, for example, the iPhone 4S averaged about 3,004Kbps for download, slower than the iPhone 4's 3,454Kbps.

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Later, Nigel and Hersha met up to patch things up, and filmed a video where the presenter explained that she 'does know how to cook rice' and was simply illustrating someone else's recipe for BBC Good Food.

However, they at least should show how the data speeds compare between each carrier version of the iPhone 4S, as well as the difference between AT&T's iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4. Keep in mind that these tests only evaluate data speeds for these phones in San Francisco and are not designed to be representative of data speeds you'll find in your area.

Shortly afterward, he groaned, 'What the hell, Uncle Rodger is so upset, I put my leg down from the chair. You're ruining the rice, who cooks rice like this! ' as Patel used tap water to wash it of starch.  

And the winner is...
Unlike the AT&T phone, Sprint's iPhone 4S had no problems with reception at CNET's offices. Though some Sprint iPhone 4S owners have reported significantly slower data speeds, we haven't seen such a change. Its data speeds were also more reliable, ranging from 735Kbps to 1,965Kbps down and 321Kbps to 983Kbps up at different locations.


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