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Processed foods are another kind of food that are generally very bad for you, containing high levels of fat and cholesterol and often all kinds of additives that do no good at all. The worst offenders are processed meats such as sausage, and most kinds of deli. meats.

Replace the unhealthy foods such as processed meats with fish - especially oily fish such as mackerel.

Chicken consumption should be reduced, if not cut out altogether, always use the lean meat and remove all skin before cooking.

This is a great first step to take on the road to reduced cholesterol and better health, considering the overall impact of both cholesterol and foods within your diet.

We often did not care about what will affect our lives in the future. We do what we think can make us happy. Foods with high cholesterol levels can give your tongue "happy" but nothing more than that. I think everyone should think before eat anything. It is very important to everyone.

We often said "cholesterol" is dangerous for everyone. But do you know what the definition of "cholesterol"? Cholesterol is a lipid covering each of our cells. When you eat too much high-cholesterol foods, you will become more vulnerable to diseases. You need cholesterol but too much cholesterol means you will die faster. So you need to be careful with what you eat every day, it is very important to know what is healthy and what is not.
Once you have proven to yourself and your doctor that you can control your blood pressure and cholesterol with diet, you'll need to learn how to apply this way of eating for the rest of your life. Visit my web site for the research behind this program, complete instructions, menus and dozens of recipes to show you that eating this way is not only easy, it's delicious and satisfying.

Mix & Match Salad Recipe

Mix & Match Salads are whole meals in a salad bowl. Start with any lettuce or salad greens you like, and add ANY other vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and other foods from the list below. Try to get several different bright colors in the bowl, including something red, orange or yellow. Here's just one example.

Some of the more popular diets out there today come in the form of low-carb. There are multiple approaches to why they say this works, from the idea that it's easier to gain weight from carbohydrate calories than from protein and fat calories to the idea that eating fewer carbs will promote weight loss due to the fact that unbalancing your diet will cause an increase in your metabolism.

Your body doesn't need carbohydrates for fuel, it can survive solely on protein and fat if necessary, but your brain can't, the brain requires carbohydrates, it has no way of using protein or fat energy, which is enough reason for many people to avoid low-carb diets.

Low-carbohydrate diets also promote ketosis, when weight loss occurs, fats and proteins are used by your body to create energy, when the body has a lack of carbohydrates it can't properly break down the fats into fatty acids for fuel which produces ketone bodies, causing ketosis. Ketosis sounds bad but it really isn't, however one of the side effects of ketosis can be bad breath, caused by acetones (one of the bodies from ketosis) being expunged through your breath.


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