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Taking into account our modern life, one that is moving at a fast pace, working long hours in contaminated environments can make our physical and mental body age prematurely and cause the rise of free radicals in our blood. According to orthomolecular medicine, micronutrients play an important role in the formation and development of diseases. METHODS: An 18-item survey about health care use and communication was distributed to patients who presented to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in March 2003.

This stems from the orthomolecular point of view that our bodies are exposed to so many adverse influences (tobacco smoke, environmental pollution, processed foods, etc.) that the amount of nutrients we get through our regular diet is not adequate to sustain health.

A nutritional protocol may be the primary element of an individualized treatment plan, or included as an adjunctive treatment to optimize the benefit of another therapy (e.g., use of anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements to support an acupuncture protocol for patients having pain).

Now called megavitamin therapy, this is the use of large doses of vitamins to improve physical and mental health. For example, many orthomolecular practitioners believe that large doses of vitamin E can prevent or even treat cardiovascular disease. Around this time, Pauling also began broadening his theory of orthomolecular medicine to include the whole body, not just the mind.

The term orthomolecular" was coined by Linus Pauling, PhD, two-time Nobel laureate, in his ground-breaking article in Science in 1968. Nutritional supplements are a growing business and can be obtained almost anywhere, even in the supermarket. High doses of micronutrients are also used as biologic response modifiers in an attempt to modulate inflammation and other disease processes.

Pauling's input denoted this type of medicine as one concerned with using natural substances that are normally present in the healthy body. A lot of great info on vitamins & minerals and what benefits they are to people that take them. Among those qualified to advise on treatment with nutritional supplements are board certified physicians, licensed nutritionists, and naturopaths.

He got a standing ovation at a conference on antioxidants in medicine sponsored by the National Institute of Health in 1990 and the publications that have come from that symposium have made 'antioxidant' a buzzword to the health professions, much as vitamin C, the premier antioxdant., has been a household word the past 20 years.

Combination megavitamin therapy may be useful in the treatment of skin allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, feline gingivitis (gum disease) and feline leukemia. Orthomolecular medicine seeks to prevent so-called diseases of civilisation, improve people's health, optimise treatment with medication and maintain vitality and performance well into old age.

Pauling wanted to follow up on Cameron's success and, in 1972, the two attempted to publish a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science on ascorbic acid as a treatment for cancer and other diseases. Cameron E. & Campbell A: The orthomolecular treatment of cancer.

Then, the practitioner would draw blood and have it tested for levels of different vitamins, minerals or other substances, depending on your complaint. Excellent health can be maintained and a wide range of diseases can be improved or even cured by providing the body with optimum amounts of nutrients.

However, our normal diet usually provides sufficient vitamins and the treatment of vitamin deficiencies is unrelated to the specific principles of orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine becomes necessary because of variability in food quality due to soil depletion or contamination and because individual patients have unique nutritional needs depending on heredity, health status and lifestyle.

Though vitamins and mineral supplements have been used since the 1920s, orthomolecular medicine had its real beginnings in 1952, the year Abram Hoffer, a Canadian medical doctor, with partner Dr. Humphrey Osmond, discovered that large doses of vitamin B3 (niacin) helped to control schizophrenia.


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