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Fiberglass, aluminum and steel will be the three main types of materials utilized in the frame system. Fiberglass is normally integrated on cheaper tents or even to keep bigger tents affordable. Aluminum poles are strong & most commonly found on higher quality tents. Metal poles are located on bigger cabin style tents once the additional weight needs a stronger framing system.


Selecting a tent made with durable materials, strong poles and sewn with durable threads will guarantee reliability that is lasting.

Extra Factors:

Your tent should add a fly if camping in rainy conditions. Full dental coverage plans fly that reaches the ground for four season camping. A floor protector is just a investment that is wise some manufactures offer custom fit protectors. A heavy duty tarp could also be used as being a tent flooring protector. Window screen is another consideration that is important standard mesh will keep most insects away, but for complete protection, no-see-um mesh is preferred.

Choosing your tent that is new wisely ensure years of usage and satisfaction for you as well as your family.

Trek Tents has a long history in the production of household camping tents. Leisurelife (USA) Inc was started by George Smith, with 40 years expertise in the tent industry. as an professional vice president and co owner of Camel Manufacturing. Mr Smith devoted their life to the manufacturing and design of camping tents.
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This fashion that is old of a camping tent ended up being later discarded once the '70's started. With this specific new decade came new technologies; especially within the world that is tent. In the place of utilising the traditional frame materials they began to experiment with stronger materials such as for example metals. These metals ranged from aluminum that was lightweight yet strong to slim rods of metal. After the structures started initially to look stronger and more portable they begun to revolutionize one other 1 / 2 of the tent; the cover.

The materials needed too as well as the new metals increased the durability of the tent. Hence manufacturers started initially to result in the covers out of materials like nylon and polyester rather than the more materials that are natural. We were holding not the very best materials available on the market however they were more durable in extreme conditions compared to the best fabrics.

Finally the tent that we know was developed today. Rather than solid rods that were placed and tied together, they started initially to cause them to become simpler with frames that snapped together. "Pegs" had been added too which are surges that hold onto the material and frame associated with tent and keep it locked into the ground. Many of these advancements that are new the tent more convenient than it already was. It now had been the best tool for an outdoorsmen as well as other individuals in need of quick, easy shelter.


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