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In their view, the Red Cross cannot provide anything but relief. "We cannot create jobs," he says, "but it really is NGOs such as ours, Cáritas, plus the general public services that are social are acting such as for instance a buffer for culture." If the situation worsen and much more people within the islands fall victim to poverty, he warns, there will be social turmoil. "I can observe how in a few sectors,it is not the case for the common people." he elaborates, "like large companies and the banking system, someone may see ‘green shoots’, but"

In light associated with the deteriorating situation into the islands, the Red Cross has launched a three-year system entitled "Now More Than Ever" aimed at intensifying its support for the indegent and for kiddies.
A bag of meals just isn't the solution

David Muñoz is president for the Official pro university of Social Workers in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria province. As mind for the organization which represents 1,300 associated with islands’ 3,000 social employees, Muñoz is worried concerning the adverse effects the combined economic crisis and government cuts are having within the country’s welfare state. According to him, Spain is experiencing a reversal in terms of the country’s hard-won welfare state system whereby liberties and social justice are increasingly being handed back again to charities, since was the case in pre-constitutional Spain, over 35 years ago.

The government is committing "austericide" on the people by depriving them of their basic rights in Muñoz’s view, rather than carefully setting budget priorities for the sake of austerity and cutting superfluous expenditures. "Cuts in health care, training and social solutions are creating more dilemmas, and also the figures prove it."
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Immigration from Africa along with other areas of the world changed the Canaries’ population landscape drastically in the last decade and contains forced the islands to reassess the continent to their relationship. In the last decade the islands are making cooperation with Africa an important priority, investing around €17 million in education, health insurance and infrastructure in Africa, especially in transportation and interaction links using the continent.

Recent years years also have seen a challenge between intense development and concerted efforts to protect the islands’ natural resources and beauty. Political teams, islanders and ecologists have been in constant discussions concerning the easiest way to combine the archipelago’s dependence on tourism, and also the identified significance of more hotels, ports and tennis courses, aided by the pressing need to conserve water resources, combat marine air pollution and give a wide berth to development from infringing on the flora and fauna which have made the islands a nature lover’s haven.


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