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Sink roll scratches
Sunken roller scratches the strip out of the zinc pot on the board after the intermittent or continuous strip of roller prints, if the roller is lighter and no handle can be degraded, if the feel was scratched only do waste disposal , Must stop for roll. It is believed that the direct cause of this failure is that the speed between the strip and the sunken roller is different, and the roller system does not turn or rotates, so that the strip is in contact with the roller body. The strip surface is scratched by the roll surface. The reason for this phenomenon is multifaceted, because the sunken roller in the zinc pot of zinc in this special location, no transmission equipment, but a driven steering roller, completely by the process section of the tension and friction rotation. Therefore, it is the result of a common or single effect by factors such as mechanical structure specificity, production process control, installation and use of sunken rolls.


Other roller scratches
Other roller scratches are scratches caused by full-line rollers, steering rollers, tension rollers, roll-off rollers, which are divided into drive rollers and non-drive rollers. The main reason for this type of scratches is that the roller speed of the contact strip is not consistent with the running speed of the strip, and the scratches caused by the relative sliding of the strip and the roller.
The solution is: If you find a scratch, you should immediately confirm whether the scratch before plating or plating after scratches, and then determine the scratch area. The scratches caused by the drive rollers can be resolved by speed matching; scratches caused by non-drive rollers are notified to the mechanical maintenance personnel to check the roller bearings. If the bearing is not problematic, by increasing the tension in the area, With the transmission friction to reduce the scratches.


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eConnect. It was initially designed for eCommerce web developers to enable them use Microsoft Great Plains as backend for eCommerce application. So – the answer is natural – it is good tool to create GP objects, such as Customer, Product, Sales Order or Invoice. Later on eConnect logic took over almost every object in Microsoft Dynamics GP. eConnect has some limitations, however – it was designed to take care of creation and update of so-called work records, such as enter Sales Order, then Sales order transfer to Invoice and Invoice posting were supposed to be the duty of GP operator – in the case if you need posting to be done automatically you need eConnect extensions

At the same time Microsoft Business Solutions reopened Great Plains Source Code program for MBS partner channel, this signals to us that we need to rehabilitate old Great Plains/Microsoft Dexterity based tools: ReportWriter, Microsoft Dexterity itself to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP so-called “fat” client. Please read below “balanced” and “reasonably conservative” Microsoft Great Plains / Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 report design overview:


Seamless integration with Great Plains forms – the most typical scenario – you modify SOP_Long_Invoice_Form or SOP_Blank_Invoice_From and then print your invoices with modified form – usually with your logo and changed formats and positions of the fields


ERP Historical Trend. Well, if you stake on Microsoft Business Solutions – you still might have legacy of products: IBM Lotus Notes Domino, Oracle Financials/Applications/E-Business Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, Accpac, Siebel, SalesLogix. You might need integration, data conversion, customization and heterogeneous reporting. Again – in our opinion you should consider budget offshore solution for these developers-time consuming projects


No Cross-Modules links. You can not associate report with the tables from non-related modules. For example you can not have Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing data on the same report (you actually can – but you need Dexterity programmer help)


The solution is: Process improvement:
(1) Zinc pot zinc solution temperature control (460 ± 5) , in order to increase the mobility of zinc liquid.
(2) At any time to control and adjust the chemical composition of zinc liquid content, the general control of iron content below 0.05%, aluminum content should be controlled between 0.15% to 0.22%. In the production of thin strip due to the smaller tension, the board is easy to sink sink roll. At this point may be appropriate to add aluminum ingots to reduce the iron content, which will help reduce the viscosity of zinc liquid to increase the mobility of zinc liquid.
(3) Control speed and tension can not change too fast.

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