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From heavy duty construction to fine woodworking, power drills make almost any job easier. These versatile tools adapt to the task at hand thank to just about countless bits. Among power drills, cordless drills are one of the most portable and versatile, and recent advances in battery technology made them more powerful and efficient than ever before. Various kinds of cordless drills exist, so you’ll need to have a firm idea of what type is right for your need before you purchase. Power and satisfaction can differ widely between products, and also as versatile as cordless drills are, some drills are better than others in a few situations.

bosch dds183-02The Motor

Let’s start with checking out raw power. The voltage rating of the given drill is a superb predictor of overall power and an excellent point for cordless drill comparison. A 12-volt drill would work for lighter drilling and fastening jobs. It’s smaller and much more portable than most 18 or 20-volt drills that are designed for tougher materials, longer fasteners and larger bits. Ensure that you check the max rpm of your drill prior to buying. By way of example, a drill that runs at 1500 rpm is an average maximum. Anything with less than 1500 max rpm will not be a good solution for big jobs. Many top-rated cordless drills feature brushless motors, and these can achieve a higher rpm with less electricity, which makes them better, durable and energy efficient.


There's nothing more frustrating than a drill that poops on you in the middle of a large project. The best way to avoid this challenge is usually to choose a drill with lightweight, long-running lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which stay in full power right up to battery gives out. Most full-sized drills are now using Li-ion batteries, but some cordless screwdrivers still depend on older nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries.


Old-school battery chargers took 3 to 5 hours to replenish battery life. Modern "smart" chargers, by contrast, can recharge a lithium-ion battery in 15 to 1 hour. Some models can also charge a couple of batteries right away. However, some cheaper drills and drivers will still require substantial charging times.

Brushless Motor vs. Brush Motor

As you’re comparing cordless drills, you’ll notice that it is more common for top-end drills and impact drivers to be developed with brushless motors now. Using a regular electric motor, brushes can be found and can wear down as time passes and need replacing. If a cordless drill includes a brushless motor, it is going to usually be more expensive, but there are numerous good things about using a brushless motor like:

Brushless motors are quieter

They produce less heat

Brushless motors tend to be more powerful

You do not need replacement parts with brushless motors

Chuck Size

The chuck is definitely the name in the clamp that supports the drill bit set up. It’s an essential feature to comprehend when shopping for a cordless drill for the reason that chuck size determines the actual size of the bit the drill can use. ½" and three/8" are the two most common chuck sizes. For heavy-duty work, you’ll realize that a ½" chuck will perform a lot better and handle the stress easier. Smaller or less-expensive models could have a 3/8-inch chuck. Understand that this really is still usually a lot more than adequate for light duty at home.


best cordless drillsThis is the feature on the cordless drill that disengages the drive shaft of the drill whenever the drill meets considerable resistance. You’ll have the ability to tell the clutch engaging due to the telltale clicking sound the drill will have during use. The clutch prevents screws from stripping and it likewise keeps the motor from being overworked and burnt up. Different cordless drills have different clutch setting options. You will find models that can offer around 24 different settings. The variable clutch settings are generally used by experienced carpenters which will tailor the drill towards the particular material they may be utilizing. For basic household tasks, a cordless drill with a variable clutch setting is just not needed.

Convenience Features

The options users find most useful with a cordless drill include a battery lifespan gauge, a trigger-activated LED light to illuminate the project area, and storage within the handle for extra bits. Carrying cases and belt hooks will also be popular - especially hooks which can be switched to hang on each side for left- or right-handed users.

Try prior to buying.

It's always wise to try tools in person, if at all possible. A site can advise you how much the tool weighs, yet not the way feels in your hands. A good cordless tool should feel balanced, not front-heavy, while you hold it. The trigger must be responsive without having to be overly sensitive or hard to depress. Make sure you can certainly remove and replace the battery, too.

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