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(Article 3)
In the previous two articles, we have been discussing the theory of how and why we need to win the battle to keep Germs and pests out of our homes. The question is; should not responsible adults ensure that their homes are totally sanitised and clinically clean?
What about the germs?
The germs we are trying to get rid of, are there for a reason; and are actually useful and necessary; (and dare I say; they are not necessarily the problem at all)? In any case, Germs are ever present in large numbers; and in their millions on your skin; in your mouth, and in the very air we breathe.
Please understand this; no matter how hard you try; you will never be rid of them! The truth is; germs will forever prevail. If that be true; (and it is); then the most effective action one can implement, is to consider taking personal responsibility for your own health.
Doctors provide us with an amazing service; however, there are things you can do to help yourself.
The power house within you
An important strategy you could consider; is how to bolster, and boost you and your families immune systems.
A chemically cleaned house is not necessarily the answer. Unfortunately, neither are using these Vacate Cleaning products any warranty against illness. We do well to remember that even the most sanitised home, will not be a substitute for smarter choices we can make for our lives.
Your choose your lifestyle
Those life choices are what will ultimately determine whether we will enjoy optimum health or not. It does not matters a jot, if and when you may be exposed to Germs and bugs; that is a given!
Your own body possesses far more "power" than any man made chemical out there; and it is more capable than you can imagine in looking after you. It is incumbent on you, to use your own initiative. Invest the necessary time, energy, and effort in keeping yourselves, and your bodies in excellent shape, and you will see the positive results of better health.
Your body has the answer
One alternative conclusion therefore is; (as a distinct option to the germ theory); to be aware of the fact that the humble germ is here to stay! There are measures you can adopt to reduce their incidence; however, you will never eradicate them!
When your two year old comes inside chewing a mouthful of dirt from the Garden, rest assured, that there is enormous power residing in their bodies. Their bodies are intelligently designed to protect them from harm.
Trust your immune system
Do not be alarmed; because in most cases; our inbuilt protection system will be more than enough to take care of any bugs or germs that are inadvertently ingested from time to time.
We live in a germ laden environment.
Given reasonable care and cleanliness in the house; you do not need a squad of "toxic" chemical exterminators to rid yourself of potential harm from these so called Invaders.
All you require is an ample dose of common sense
Go out and buy yourself some of those old fashioned natural cleaners that your great grandmother used to keep in her cleaning cupboard.
Cleaners like Vinegar, Mentholated Spirits, and Bi Carbonate of soda, are all incredibly effective and inexpensive. Make yourself a promise to keep life as simple as you can!
Don't worry, be happy
Smile a lot; and be grateful for the good things you have in life; (a huge boost for your immune system). Try not to fret over the Germs. You could, and should enjoy healthier, happier, and more contented lives.
The realization that Germs were never the main issue, will hopefully come to you. Optimum health is not an accident; it is a well thought out plan and strategy.
Take responsibility for your own health. Avoid the excesses on offer in our affluent Society. Invest time in learning how to strengthen your immune system, and that of your loved ones, and you will reap the benefits.
Do yourselves and your families a favour; and happily live your lives, no longer fearing those canny Germs and bugs you cohabit with.
Author John McAuliffe


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