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One primary purpose of having a business plan is for presenting it to the financial institutions you will need to convince to invest in your enterprise in order for it to get off the ground. Therefore, cash flow analysis along with detailed implementation schedules and management responsibilities will be clearly stated in your plan. Show them the money.

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Edit: lots of great suggestions here. I feel the need to explain how it works in my campaign real quick: If you wish for an item with a magic word, it gets a random command word that you know after attuning and it takes an action or bonus action to activate. So there will be no random activations.

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A mean girl in high school, was a cheerleader and was voted "Gossip Queen" by her peers. Though she was popular growing up, admits to having very few friends due to her strong personality and to this day has trouble maintaining friendships and roommates. While living in the Real World house, hopes to work on her patience and grow past her drama queen casting tapefollow her on twitterOften viewed as aggressive, this Boston bred beauty is not afraid to speak her mind.

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