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best drones under 200The drone industry is burgeoning, and it's easy to see why: fun and exhilarating in equal measure, drone flying is a hobby on an upward trajectory in the UK. And with many modern drones coming equipped with high-quality cameras these days, you can capture some stunning aerial footage along the way, too. Drones aren't just a blast fun to fly, but the entrepreneurial applications that civilian drones provide are endless. Whether you're an actual professional or an aspiring one, DJI's Mavic drone is the best travel drone that money can buy (and at $1,000, it's going to cost you a pretty penny). That's why we've decided to dedicate the whole post to the places, or rather — links, where you can buy a drone. Aerial photography stands among the best use for a quadcopter and for that, specific camera drones are preferred. Racing drones are also equipped with a camera but it's so the pilot can see where he's going.

It's available from Best Buy in a package that includes a gimbal, a spare battery and extra propellers for just $399 Just factor in that you'll need to purchase a compatible camera separately if you don't already have one. The new Holy Stone F181 is one of the most feature-rich budget quadcopters you can buy.

It was the first time that I felt the sinking feeling of wanting a gift for the kids but also thinking about all of us sleeping and the possibility...even very slight...of losing a child or anyone due to a house fire. Beginner drones are smaller, less expensive, and easier to fly than larger more expensive drones. Camera drones are usually ready-to-fly quadcopters that have stabilized cameras for shooting video and stills. One of the first questions privacy advocates get about UAVs is how they differ from the street cameras many cities already employ.

Despite in the high end of the price ranges and boasting plenty of features it is also quite user friendly and suitable for those just getting started with drones. The most distinguished feature of the Phantom 4 is its automatic object-avoidance, made possible by a pair of small, front-facing cameras. It is a nicely presented puzzle game based around matching colored blocks and there are over 100 levels.

Since 3DR specifically addresses the needs of GoPro cinematographers, the company put a lot of time and effort into the creation of the Solo's gimbal (probably part of the reason its release was delayed). RC drones have widely been used for government or military use in the past, and have just recently become available for personal use. These drones started out as a fun past-time for students but later opened up new and improved concepts in the field of photography. Fortunately, in addition to the steep increase in drone owners there has also come the steep increase in the number of drone manufacturers and models of drones available. Instead, the operator issues more generalized commands akin to a football coach calling in plays, which the drones then complete as they collectively best see fit.

The Mavic Pro is perhaps one of the most advanced drones in the market right now. But if you still find the price of 4K drones a little bit too steep, you can opt for a 4K camera like the GoPro Hero4 and strap it on to any commercial drone available in the market. Now, another important you need to know that while the camera is capable enough to record videos at ultra-high definition resolution, it's not as good as the cameras we have seen in the DJI Phantom series.

With that said, one can assume that this was made as a direct competition to other drones on our list, and especially the ones from DJI, and it actually can be considered a competition. Using a 3- or 6-axis gimbal, the cameras have pretty good stabilization that offers a smoother video with less shakiness. It is compatible with Hero 4 and Hero 5 The GoPro Karma with the Hero 5 Black will cost £999 or $1099. Drones like these are simple, but they are actually much harder to fly because they lack sensors like GPS to keep them in one spot. In the consumer drone sector there are primarily two types of drones: those made for photography and those made for play. We love the fact that Yuneec decided to go with a black construction that is missing from so many other drones.

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