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This is a pretty common situation that men seem to find themselves in a lot of the time. And it usually happens to the nice guys, as much as they might hope that it won't. You meet a woman, you talk with her and become friends and the next thing you know - you feel like you are in love with her. The more you think about the way that you feel about her, the deeper those feelings become and then you want to be able to tell her and you hope that she says that she feels the same exact way. So, what do you do? Eventually you do tell her that you feel that way about her and what does she say?
She says that she does not feel the same way about you. She might say that she cares about you a lot as a friend, but that is not what you really want to hear her say. And that makes you feel confused and bewildered. You swore that being her friend would be the way to go on this one. You thought that the more time that you spent with her, the more she would begin to see you as a man that she was falling in love with. So, what did you do wrong and what could you have done differently?
Most of the time, what you probably did wrong was the thing that you thought you were doing right. You tried to be her friend and scat movies that was the wrong move to make. Even though people always say that being friends with a woman is the only way to go if you want to make her fall in love with you - typically that ends up being the kiss of death when it comes to romance. As hard as it may be to believe this, being friends with her may not have been the right move to make after all.
What a lot of guys don't realize is that when you start off as her friend, you have basically trained her to see you in that light. Meaning, any thoughts that she may have had of there being something more between the two of you were dashed out a long time ago. Once you drop into that friend zone, it is really hard to get out of. It is even harder if you continue to try to use friendship to make her fall in love with you. What you are missing is the key component to making her fall for you and that is - attraction. She may be attracted to you as a friend, but you have missed the boat on making her feel attracted to you as a boyfriend.
It's an honest mistake.
Plenty of guys make this one and it is a lesson that you have to learn the hard way most of the time. Even though you may want to be her friend just so that you can be around her all of the time, you should probably try a different approach.


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