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Platonic Relationships can be defined as a very close friendship between men and women that is devoid of sexual desires or physical relations. When a man and a woman feel intimate enough to share everything, stay together all the time but do not get involved in a sexual relationship, it is called Platonic Relationship.

cuddle therapyThough the term is new to individuals, it has existed in the past without people knowing about it. Haven't you heard people asking "What shall we call this relationship?" Even in movies like 'My Best Friend's Wedding' or 'When Harry met Sally', the relationship between the actor and the actress is shown as one with deep love and friendship sans the sexual desires. Of course what follows will be discussed later.

So the big question is do platonic relationships really work? Do they really exist? Have you come across couples who are in a platonic relationship?

Well this sounds like a debate but in reality men and women have been designed by God in a way that they end up getting attracted towards each other and that too sexually. Now let's gat back to the two movies discussed above. What happens in 'My Best Friend's Wedding'? Michael(Dermot Mulroney) and Julianne (Julia Roberts) have been best friends for years but never more than that. But when Michael is about to marry some one else, Julianne realizes she loves him and tries to break-off their wedding.

'When Harry met Sally' raises the question "Can men and women ever be just friends?" Harry and Sally become friends then part ways; meet again after five years, become friends and then again part ways. Eventually they become very good friends and end up getting physically involved with each other. In the end they both feel the love for each other. So their great great friendship eventually turns into love.

Many Hindi movies like 'Kuch Kuch Hota hai' and 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'have also shown similar friendships turning into love. The reason why platonic relationships are hard to continue is the attraction we feel for the opposite sex. The pheromones the opposite sex exudes make us feel attracted to them. No matter how hard we try, we tend to notice the physical attributes of the opposite sex. Even the voice of the opposite sex can make us fantasize about how good they would be in bed.

Many people start as friends and go on to become very very good friends. Then if that same friend of yours starts dating someone else, you would not like it simply because you would not get the same attention. This jealousy may put you in the category of lover rather than a friend.

Girls especially are jealous of other girls. They dislike other girls getting close to their close male friends. When this happens, the platonic relationship ends and a new relationship begins.

Even the society doesn't let platonic friends carry on as friends. They would always suspect you of being in a relationship, your friends will tease you for always spending time with your platonic partner. Their constant intrusion in your personal life would make you re-think about your relationship with your friend.

But are the platonic relationships still possible? Yes they do. Many people have platonic friends and they are doing quite well. If you have any inquiries pertaining to where by and how to use platonic relationshi, you can make contact with us at the web page. It is only when the romantic feelings crop in, that the relationship takes another turn. Friendship often turns into romance. But in many cases, only one of the partners gets attracted towards the other one and that is when the relationship comes to an end.

If one of the partners can suppress his romantic feelings for the other one, the relationship can go on but not for very long. Eventually the truth would be out and either the other partner would accept the romantic relationship or he would end the friendship.

So platonic relationships do work because not everyone feels the romantic inclination towards the opposite sex.


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