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If you don't live with your elder and are concerned about them falling, even after you've gone through their home and made it as safe as possible, you may want to consider buying or leasing a medical alert system. You know the type - they were made famous by the woman in the ad calling out "I've fallen and I can't get up!" These systems are absolutely fantastic. Sure, you may still worry about your elder taking a spill, but by having one of these devices around their neck or on their arm like a bracelet, they can simply push a button and help will be on the way. In fact, these units work in any type of emergency - not just after a fall. Need help? Simply push the button.
The device works simply enough. Once the button is pushed, a call is routed through their telephone to a response center. The operator in turn will immediately call your elder via a two way intercom system that is part of the alert system. At that point, the operator determines the extent of the issue and calls for the appropriate assistance. In the case where there is no response from your elder, an ambulance and emergency personnel are immediately dispatched. They will also call you to advise you of the situation.
You can find these alert systems online or at medical supply stores. On top of the purchase or lease cost, you will most likely also have to pay a monthly monitoring fee, but all in all, these costs are well worth the price. Having had a situation where an elderly relative that lived 2 hours away who had a number of health issues, I can tell you from first hand 신화카지노 experience, these devices can be life savers.
However, I'd recommend reviewing several different systems before making a final choice. Compare costs, services provided and guarantees offered. Also, be sure to ask how long the average response time is. Try to get a money back guarantee in case your elder is not happy with the unit. When you make a decision, be sure to test it out in all areas of your elder's home and yard to ensure that it works properly. Many of these devices have a fairly limited range, so checking it out is important. Be sure you check and change the batteries often as the device will do you no good if the batteries are dead.


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