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Deciding which cordless drill to buy can often be difficult. Our Cordless Drill Buying Guide will provide you with a whole understanding of the terminology and design features that can make selecting which cordless drill to purchase less complicated.

How much cash you possess budgeted to buy your cordless drill will probably be crucial when deciding on a model that’s best for you. There are a wide array of prices on the market, and customarily the higher you are going regarding price, the bigger quality the drill is going to be. But then sometimes you need what will complete the job with little effort and muscle. Many professional contractors or remodelers buy several cordless drills to handle the different kinds of drilling jobs and projects that may be done. It is not necessarily uncommon for them to get a cordless screwdriver, impact driver and drill driver as an example. What matters is that you choose models that may help you perform jobs on hand with far less difficulty with greater speed. They are doing have combination styles that can do several kinds of job well, but overall, getting 2 or 3 different ones covers every one of the bases and have you ready for anything.

Cordless Drill Voltage

Volts let you know the strength rating of your cordless drill and might range anywhere from 2 to 24 volts. The greater the voltage the better powerful the drill is. Every time a cordless drill has a lot of power, it might overcome the more difficult jobs where there might be some resistance. The downside of the more powerful drills is simply because they usually weigh much more than the less powered variety. If you’re using your cordless drill for jobs in your home or for light remodeling projects, a 14-volt drill will perform the job quite nicely. However, if you need a lot of torque and you’ll work with masonry or another tough material, you’ll want to get a drill which has more power just like an 18v.

DeWalt DCD792D2 Review

The Battery

When coming up with a cordless drill comparison, one of the primary concerns is battery. At this time, the two main types of batteries available. Nickel-cadmium batteries would be the older and cheaper technology. The downside is because they tend to lose charge even when not being used, and will discharge completely inside of sixty days when stored.

However, lithium-Ion batteries will be the most modern option and utilized in practically each of the top-rated cordless drills. They are not only smaller and lighter than nickel-cadmium batteries, but they also charge faster, discharge slowly and might repeatedly be recharged without losing their effectiveness.

Pro tip: On virtually every level, lithium-ion batteries will be the smarter choice. Whatever battery type you choose, it’s best if you choose a battery design that can work together with your other cordless tools, to be able to power your whole shop with similar batteries.

Amp Hours

Amp hours can be a measure of how much time your battery will run. For instance, battery power with two amp hours are able to provide one amp of power for two hours, or two amps of power first hour, and so forth. For those-day jobs, more amp hours may help complete the work. For occasional use, amp hours are a smaller consideration. Lithium-ion batteries have from 2 amp hours as much as 12 amp hours. Chargers can recharge batteries in 30 to 90 minutes dependant upon the number of amp hours.

Brushed Motors

Brushed motors are traditional standard DC motors, which use electrical currents through brushes to drive the drill. These motors will be more inexpensive than brushless and are simpler to repair; however, they may be larger and heavier. They are an excellent option in case you are cost-conscious and just going to use your drill occasionally.

Brushless Motors

Brushless motors are DC electric powered, controlled by a digital controller, and employ magnetic fields to generate power. Brushless motors deliver around 30% more power, longer run time, increased motor life, and a better power-to-weight ratio (leading them to be more compact and lighter). Even though they can be more expensive upfront, they perform better and last a longer period.

Chuck Size

The chuck size indicates the greatest-diameter drill bit shank you can utilize. For general tasks, a 3/8" drill bit shank is sufficient. For heavy-duty tasks, you will need a 1/2" chuck; 1/2" shank bits have a larger drilling diameter and will handle more torque. Chucks could be keyed or keyless. Keyed chucks need a step to be adjusted; this option can be obtained only on corded drills. Keyless chucks for cordless drills may be adjusted yourself.


Torque is the amount of force the drill has the capacity to generate to make an accessory. Torque is measured in "inch-pounds." Most 12-volt and 18-volt drills have enough torque to acquire a wide range of jobs done. The volume of torque needed depends upon the diameter size or perhaps the material density. The tougher the application, the better the torque required.

Grip Comfort

Grip comfort is essential when picking a drill. When you first pick up a drill, it may not feel heavy; however, imagine the way will feel after you've been working for a couple hours. For your safety, don't select a drill that feels heavy or unbalanced. Many drills also provide features including special no-slip coverings and slimmer/contoured grips to help you ensure greater comfort.

Try Before You Buy

Even if you intend on getting a cordless drill online, it is advisable to enjoy amount of time in your best home improvement store acquiring a feel for the various models.

Experts say probably the most important steps before purchasing a cordless drill is always to simply hold it inside your hand. Does it feel balanced and sturdy? Does it have got a comfortable grip? Most significant, would it be light enough to carry in a awkward position while tackling a hard-to-reach screw? In case your response is yes, yes, yes… then you’re off and away to a fantastic start!

Even if you can’t actually drill something at home improvement store, handling the drill will give you a better thought of what it will be prefer to use in the real world.


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