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Stamp collection is one of the most popular hobbies in the world with approximately twenty million stamp collectors in America only. On the other hand, if you are not a stamp collector, you may be asking, why to collect stamps? Aren't they just pieces of paper with a picture on it? Technically speaking, yes that's true. However, there is much more regarding stamps that people of any age, interest, income and gender find it as tempting and very satisfying.
Stamps signify historical events, historical people and historical places. Many of them tell stories of different places or people. It is a stress-free stepping stone to learn about history. This hobby began around in the early 1800's. In the beginning, it was considered mainly as a child's hobby, but by the end of the 19th century those children became adults and started studying them in detail. A person who examines and studies stamps in detail is called philatelist and the branch dealing with this study is called Philately.
There is a huge difference between a collector and philatelist. For a philatelist it is not necessary to collect them, they just study them to recognize the finer points of a stamp and the scarcity or attraction of a particular one. With the sheer quantity of collectors around the world, many organizations and clubs are established to exchange them. It is a very cheap and interesting hobby. Albums are one of the most important things of this hobby. These albums help you to keep your stuff in a good condition and also to display them without difficulty. Albums can also be useful while organizing your collection.
An ideal stamp book should have the following properties:
1) It should have thick pages.
2) Plenty of space, so that it be organized impressively.
3) A thin plastic sheet should be present between each paper to protect stamps.
4) Binding of the album should be strong enough to hold the thick pages present in it.
A quick search on Google reveals that there are over 3 million sites for the purchasing and selling stamp books. From this, we can conclude that thousands of people are collecting them. The use of internet has clearly affected the use of postal mails and stamps. The increase in the use of email and other electronic methods have decreased its consumption, but still it's not doing a lot of damage to the people who are collecting them.
Making your own stamp book:
Collecting stamps is a rewarding hobby. Now, if you are just going to make your own stamp book and want to know where to start, here are a few tips to make a decent and an impressive stamp book.
1. The first step is to know which type of stamps you want to collect, and which type of collection you want to make. For example, whether you want to collect it based on location or design of the stamp.
2. Once you have decided which kind of stamp to collect, you need to know how to properly make a stamp book. The first instruction to follow is, always use stamp tongs while handling stamps. Stamps should not be handled with fingers because the natural oil in the human skin can damage it.
3. Once your gathering starts to grow, it is suggested that you should put your stamps in glassine envelopes, which are easily available in the market. The glassine material has no harmful effects on the stamps.


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