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Like any other career, being a social media manager requires energy and (recommended you read) time. So it is important that if you're going to pour out energy and time on something, it be something that you are passionate about. If you look well enough, you can find a Social Media Job in just about any industry from Aeronautics to Zoology; so the first question to be asking your self is "What do I love talking about"? The best part is, with so much information available online today, the industry you enjoy talking about really does not need to have too much to do with what you studied in college. Honestly, if you can just put in the effort, you probably wouldn't even need a college degree in order to land a great job in social media.
Now that you know the industry you want to work in, the next thing you need to do is get up to speed with the latest developments in the industry. You need to understand that social media is just one tactic being used in the ever developing sector of marketing known as content marketing. Getting up to speed with developments in your industry positions you to be able to create the perfect content strategy.
In a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute, Social Media has now become the number one content marketing tactic used by business - to business marketing companies, kicking articles out of the number one position. The truth is, by learning the ins and outs of content marketing, presenting yourself as a Content Strategist, you position yourself to demand some of the highest fees available today for marketers.
So what does it take to become a Content Strategist?
In order to become a good content strategist, and be able to command high fees as a Social Media Manager, you must first have a clear understanding of what content strategy is in the first place. If you haven't done prior to today, I guarantee you that this will not be the last time that you hear about content activities, how to engage in them, and what to expect from them. For people like me, this is what we do for a living. But for the larger group out there, you first need to know...
What content strategy is, anyway?
Content Strategy is a way of life, it's a mindset. You must first approach the idea of content marketing knowing that it is constantly changing. And guess what? You too are helping shape the change it faces daily. If we must define content strategy, we will define is as "the process of strategically planning and delivering useful information managed in such a way that it generates a desired response".
Content strategy analyzes the needs of a business and its customers and provides strategic direction on how content and content flow can help to achieve those objectives. It's an ongoing process of improvement.
But why is content so important?
Content has become important because consumers have grown weary of the hype of traditional advertising, whether on or off the internet. Marketing have now realized that to get a customer you must now win his/her trust; and that can only be done if you provide that customer with valuable content relating to the product or service that you offer. Once you've convinced the customer that you're an expert on the subject matter, by providing valuable content for free, that customer begins to trust you, and feels indebted to you. Put quite simply, if you supply your customers with great content, you leave them with no alternative but to buy from you.


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